Why Settle for the norm?

I am passionate about making every moment of your wedding perfect, one area that is often overlooked is First dance lighting, read on to see why it should be given a little more thought.

Picture this

So your chosen first dance is cued up, you have all your friends and family gathered around with cameras in hand.

Your photographer and videographer are all set up ready to capture this perfect moment…

…and then the DJ covers you both in red,green and blue dots from head to toe…Hardly worthy of the moment is it?

I offer you an Alternative

I offer my clients a choice and offer my experienced opinion along with it. Let’s take a look at some of the better ways to do it right.

Wash Lighting only.

This simply means I use modern LED pars (lights) to wash you both in light, this can be a colour or even better just cool white. Your photographer and videographer will thank you for choosing this option as it means a lot less time editing out annoying dots.

Wedding DJ Healey Barn, Photo Courtesy of Little Miss Boyco Photography

Stars & Hearts

Increasingly popular is my offer of dancing on stars or hearts. Imagine taking your first steps on the dance floor as a married couple on white stars or pink hearts. It certainly looks the part and certainly gets plenty of compliments from guests in attendance.

Wedding DJ Alnwick Gardens, Photo Courtesy of Rachel Alcock Photography
North East Wedding DJ Ellingham Hall
Wedding DJ Ellingham Hall, Photo Taken By Steven Maddison – North East Wedding DJ


I tried this last year after convincing my clients to give it a try, they were very nervous for their first dance so someone suggesting shining a big light onto you doesn’t sound ideal. However as you can see from the picture the result was stunning. Not only did it create beautiful Instagram worthy images, it also meant the couple were actually silhouettes on the dance floor and could enjoy the moment together without feeling every little moment was picked up on. I haven’t seen anyone else in the North East offer this yet but judging by the results i’m sure it will be imitated very soon!

Wedding DJ Tyne & Wear, Photo Taken By Steven Maddison – North East Wedding DJ

Custom Monogram

What could make a statement like dancing on your own custom wedding monogram? I don’t think anything could be more personal. This is an extra I offer my clients not just for the first dance but throughout your celebration, this can then be pointed to the dance floor, how cool is that!


What is DMX I hear you ask, put simply it is the reason I can offer what I offer at the touch of a button. I’ve spent hours and hours (and even more hours) setting up my lighting controls on my lighting laptop so that I can select your choice with very little effort on the day. This means if you want to switch from Hearts to stars or even to move the stars from your toes to above your heads so you are dancing under a sky full of stars I can make that happen!

If you would like to discuss your first dance with a North East Wedding DJ who cares about getting it exactly right, please email me using the following Link or you can call me on 07590472410.

Thank you for reading,

Steven x